Representation of campus relief culture wall

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Campus relief culture wall sculpture is an important part of campus culture. As a decoration, enrichment and beautification of the campus environment space, and at the same time enrich the spiritual life of teachers and students, campus sculpture is a manifestation of the spirit and cultural state of the times, it embodies the changes of the school era, the style of study and the spirit of running schools.

The campus relief culture wall, as the name suggests, refers to the campus as the main space, with education as the main guide, and spiritual culture, environmental culture, behavioral culture and institutional culture construction as the main content, showing the campus culture and spirit of the school. . As a part of culture, campus culture contains rich knowledge of philosophy, nature, and humanities. A picture or a piece of paper, we use art language to fully express the connotation of campus culture. The development of sculpture makes the round sculpture increasingly strengthen its relative independence. In contrast, although the relief is more subject to a dependency relationship, that is, its dependence on "plane" or "wall", but its unique performance The characteristics and rich sculptural modeling methods are still irreplaceable by other art forms.

Moreover, its aesthetic characteristics have increasingly strengthened its relative independence under the promotion of the modern art revolution. The dependence and adaptability on the fixed "wall surface" is no longer as strong, rigid and unshakable as the modern relief on the modern relief. For the campus relief culture wall, the "wall surface" as a carrier or environment is free and optional, so it has a broad space for free development. There are several forms of relief, such as shrine type, line engraving, and hollow type.

1. Ancient grotto sculptures in China can be reduced to shrine sculptures. According to different modeling techniques, they can be divided into realism, decoration and abstraction;

2. The thin relief is mainly based on lines, supplemented by surfaces, and combined with surfaces. 2 to 5 mm deep. Thin and three-dimensional, sparse and densely lined, cleaned by knife method;

3. Yin carvings are usually carved on the surface of boxes, cabinets, beds and cabinets. Instead of sketches, use a knife instead of a pen. The intention is to start with a pen and engrave a negative pattern with a sharp knife;

3. High relief refers to a form of small compression, large ups and downs, close to round carving, or even semi-circular carving. This relief has a strong contrast between light and dark, and the visual effect is outstanding;

4. The bas-relief has large compression and small ups and downs. It not only maintains an architectural flatness, but also has a sense of volume and ups and downs;

5. Line engraving is a combination of painting and sculpture. It is produced by light and shadow, replacing the pen with light, and even has some subtle ups and downs, giving an elegant and subtle feeling;

6. Hollow carving is to remove the bottom plate of the so-called relief, so as to produce a variety of negative space, and make the contour of negative space and positive space have a rhythm of mutual conversion. This technique is often used in door and window railing furniture, and some can be viewed from both sides.


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