Matters needing attention in the design of unicorn relief frescoes

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In China's traditional painting and carving process, the kirin relief fresco has always been one of the works of art that people are very keen to express. In the current scenic area, the relief culture wall of the garden, and the murals, we can also see many expressions of the relief works of Kirin, and even some families specifically design the style of the TV background wall as a relief fresco of the Kirin pattern. It can be seen that people love the relief art. So, how do people design Kirin works when choosing relief frescoes, and what matters need attention?

Why do people love unicorn works

In Chinese culture, Qilin and Longfeng are both a kind of beasts and beasts that people make up. It is a symbol of good luck and peace. In the legend of people, the appearance of Kirin can bring wealth and luck to families and communities. Wherever it appears, it can well resolve the bad breath, shame, and eliminate people's disasters. In addition, Qilin integrates the essence of dragon head, tiger back, antlers, snake scales, horseshoes, and pigtails. It is a symbol of power. Not only does it look very majestic and honorable, but also because its one-step green cloud is given by people to promote wealth Moral. People like Kirin also because it has the function of Timing, which is why there are works of Qilin as gifts in traditional Chinese paintings and sculptures.

As such an auspicious object loved by people, how to design and carve a unicorn when making a relief culture wall? After all, a successful work can not be made at hand. Before carving a relief, a comprehensive design must be made . Therefore, before embossing Kirin, there must be a set of design concepts, including the selection of stone, the selection of relief technology, the selection of relief patterns, and so on.

1. Selection of relief stone

In the modern carving industry, the choice of stone is very important. Different stones have different characteristics, and the scope of application and the products suitable for carving are also very different. In the production of unicorn relief cultural walls, some people like to use sandstone reliefs, some like white marbles, and bluestone materials are also used as relief stones in some places. It should be noted here that different stones need to be carved using different carving techniques and methods, so as to achieve the carving effect.

2. The technical means used in the production of the relief culture wall

In the current carving industry, the relief wall painting technique is commonly used with line engraving, hollowing and double-sided carving techniques. In order to achieve the carving effect of the relief wall, it is recommended to use different carving techniques at different installation sites and different Kirin patterns. It is decorated with different other textures. For example, on the relief culture wall of Guanyin Temple, you can design the relief of the unicorn sender, and engrave the majestic unicorn pattern inside.



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