Tips for selecting stone flower pots

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Stone flower pots are a type of stone carving, which is a tool for planting flowers and plants. They are made of stone carving. Stone flower pots are stone, colorful, and selective, but they are heavy and should not be placed on a table. . Mainly used in garden greening, landscape greening, private gardens, and community greening. Not only beautiful appearance, but also decorative effect. As a new type of flower application, stone flower pots have advantages that flower beds and flower bowls cannot reach. Compared with flower beds, stone flower pots are flexible and mostly movable. Besides, the stone flower pots have beautiful shapes and novel shapes. They can also be combined and combined. decoration.

Stone flower pots can be roughly divided into two types, European style and Chinese style. In addition, according to different production stone materials can be divided into: Marble flower pot: This flower pot is made of good stone carving, its particles are delicate, the texture is relatively Well, the colors are diverse, and the surface can make an effect. Granite flower pots: Granite flower pots are hard and dense in texture, high in strength, resistant to weathering, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, low water absorption, beautiful color and luster can be stored for more than 100 years, and the color is beautiful. Sandstone flowerpot: The texture of sandstone flowerpot is soft, beautiful and dignified, elegant style, various colors, good water absorption, medium hardness, strong wear resistance, and small temperature deformation. Easy and simple maintenance and long service life.

A single variety is used for planting and matching in the flowerpot to form a uniform color block effect. The plant material is preferably seasonal ornamental flowers. At the same time, the height of the plant should be controlled within 40 cm, and it has strong wind resistance. The soil is loose soil with slightly acidic soil, rich in organic matter, and well-drained soil. Plants to be planted with soil balls have a high survival rate and are easy to maintain and manage. When planting, the earth ball should be tilted towards the edge of the stone flowerpot as much as possible. At the same time, the planting density on the edge should be higher, so that the entire flowerpot looks full and hungry. After the plant is planted, strengthening the maintenance tube is the key to maintaining its long-term freshness.

There are various styles of stone carved flower pots, and different patterns are carved on the outside of the flower pots, which are highly decorative. In recent years, a variety of stone flower pots have been seen in some squares, parks, tourist attractions, gardens, etc. Stone flower pots have been widely used in garden landscape construction, even in communities. Mainly used in garden greening, landscape greening, private gardens, and community greening. The stone flower pot can be used not only in public places, but also a small stone flower pot at home. It can be matched with flowers of different colors.

When choosing a stone carving flowerpot, pay attention to the size and height. Too large flower pots will affect the appearance, and large flower pots and small plants will have relatively weak water absorption capacity. After watering, the potting soil will be kept moist for a long time, and the flowers and trees will have difficulty breathing, which will easily lead to rotten roots. The pots are too small, appear top-heavy, and affect root development.



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