The implication of the stone carving unicorn

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Speaking of Kirin, it is well known that the traditional Chinese beasts, together with the phoenix, turtle and dragon, are called the "Four Spirits". Legend is that the mount of God can bring auspiciousness and well-being to the people. The ancients also regarded Kirin as a benevolent pet and often regarded it as a pet. It is carved into the stone and made into various decorations and ornaments. It is placed at home with the intention of praying and being blessed.

Kirin is a symbol of kindness and detail. It is a beast of auspiciousness and auspiciousness. It is often compared with outstanding people and noble people. In ancient times, there was a saying that "Kirin gave a child." Of them, Kirin can ward off evil, and often, we often see stone sculptures on the doorsteps of modern companies and enterprises. One is to be rich and noble, and the other is to ward off evil. The image of Kirin's dragon head, horse body, fish scales, and carving is very difficult. The carving of the scales on the body alone requires a lot of energy, manpower, and financial resources. Often, Kirin is placed in the home, and it has good health and protection for the family. Therefore, in today's society, Kirin is not only a legendary story that people are around, but it also brings its image to many people. Every time I see one The upright unicorn stone carvings are located at the door, just like the magical soldiers will guard you, looking at the wonderful and vivid, lifelike image is how much sweat and hard work you need to pay. During this period, I do n’t know how many carvings, carvings, and chisels to pass. If every part of the grinding is not done well, it will affect the overall image. The unicorn stone carving can also be made into various decorations and ornaments such as pendants on the car, the decoration of the room or the pendants on the body can set off the protagonist's uniqueness, because it symbolizes auspicious well-being, wealth, and wealth. Will be blessed for a lifetime of wealth and good fortune.


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