Detailed introduction of stone railing post

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Stone railings, I believe many people will feel a little strange when they hear the word, do not know what the stone railings are. In fact, stone railings exist in many places in our lives, but we did not pay careful attention to the stone railings and did not understand the stone railings. Then, I will introduce the stone railing posts by Xiaobian.

Stone Railing Post-What is Stone Railing Post

Stone railings have the advantages of beauty, fashion, environmental protection, aging resistance, and non-deformation. They can be widely used in municipal, water conservancy, parks, transportation bridges, river guarding, villa decoration, and other guardrail projects. Stone railings, called "hook rails" in the Song Dynasty, were mostly used on Xumi-type bases, but also on ordinary bases. Stone carving railings are generally made up of three parts: an observatory pillar, a railing, and a basement. Wangzhu is divided into two parts, the stigma and the stigma. In ancient China, stone railings were called appendixes, also called hooks, which are safety facilities on bridges and buildings. The stone railing plays a role of separation and guidance in use, so that the boundary of the divided area is clear and clear. The designed stone railing is very decorative. Stone railings are often installed around the base of the platform, on both sides of the bridge, on both sides of the stairs, on the sides of the gallery columns, and around the pavilion, to play a protective role, and can also be used to divide the space. Especially in garden buildings, stone railings are indispensable. They can not only block and protect different areas, but also do not cut the connection between the various areas. The carved patterns on the stone railings also start to decorate the environment. Role.

Stone Railing Columns—The design requirements of stone railing columns are introduced. The low height of the stone fence is 0.2-0.3 meters, the middle fence is 0.8-0.9 meters, and the high fence is 1.1-1.3 meters. The moment of the balustrade is generally 0.5 to 2 meters.

Stone Railing Posts-Introduction to the Basic Structure of Stone Railing Posts

A complete stone railing consists of a pillar, a stigma, a railing, a drum, and a pad. The stone railings on the market can also be matched with other materials: such as columns and iron cables.

Stone Railing Posts—Introduction to the types of stone railing posts

A variety of stone railings can be produced. The common stone railings on the market include bluestone railings, white marble railings, and granite railings.

The above is the relevant content about stone railing posts introduced by Xiaobian. In fact, as long as we pay close attention to everything around us, we will find stone railing posts, but we did n’t pay attention to it and did n’t take it seriously. So Xiaobian introduced the stone railing posts in detail this time, in the hope that more people can get to know the stone railing posts.


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